Monitor .Net Application health using SCOM 2012 – Web application and Windows application

SCOM 2012 is an IT tool allowing a powerfull monitoring on your IT (computers and servers) and also on your health application. Here we will monitor a windows service of TFS 2012 in a first time. After, we will create an alert to get a email when this service is stopped.

Go to authoring (on the left side at the bottom), and under Management Pack Templates, Right click on Windows Service (or other items ;-), select Add Monitoring Wizard


Select the monitoring Type, here Windows Service:


Enter the friendly name for your monitoring and the destination of your Management Pack


Next, and specify the computer name where the windows service is hosted and select this last one:


select the target group, here all Windows computers


Let only automatic Windows services


Configure CPU consumption and RAM


You get below the summary and create it:


9_WSmpcreated 10_propertiesmp 11_generaltab 12_servicedetails 13_performancedata 14_Monitorssubmenu 15_gotoadminagentmanaged 15_viewhealthmonitor

you can monitor the cpu consumption as below

16_seeCPUConsuming 17_gotodiagramwithallcomponents

you can get an overview of all components monitored Inside the computer

18_detailsservicemonitored 19_gotohealthexplorertoseestopevent 19_stopfewsecondontfs2012computer 20_seeallevents 21_wawstopevent 22_startevent 23_monitoreventfromDeviceMgtEventView 24_monitoreventfromDeviceMgtEventView 25_stoppedwscreatealert

From the alert, right click to create a notification on this. Notification link subscribers (who will get the alert) with channel (as sms, email…)

26_createchannel 27_smtpwizard 28_subscription1 29_subscription2 30_subscribers 31_channels


waw I get a alert mail because my Windows service has stopped



Discover your computers and monitor them with SCOM 2012 – System center Operation Manager 2012

Hi, in this article I introduce quickly the possibility to monitor your IT:

open System Center Operation Manager 2012, and go to Administration panel as bellows:


right click on device management->Discovery Wizard :


Discovery wizard shows you different ressources, select windows computers:


Select automatic domain to discover all computers on your domain:


Fill the credential to a domain account for discovery:


the discovery wizard is in progress:


you get the computers discovered on your domain (here only 4), and select those you want to monitor :


Specify the credential of your SCOM Agent to be installed from the wizard:


notice the progress of SCOM Agent installation:


SCOM agent are installed except one on my Domain Controller:


Enjoys, your computers are under monitoring


you are able to use ping wizard, diagram view, report on health …

Report on down time:


ping from SCOM console:


see diagram views:

diagram views

you can manage remotely your computer waw 😉



Install and Discover System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 – Powerfull for Service Level Management

SCVMM, System center Virtual Machine Management is a powerfull tool which is able to create a service template, that is the possibility to deploy not only a virtual machine from a template but also all applications (or distributed application on N tiers) you want. Let’s start with the installation and an introduction to the different pages of the VMM Console.

the MSDN url for requirements :

in the first pages, the SCVMM setup make a check on your hardware and software to detect if all follow the requirements. After that, you will be asked on Credentials on your SQL Server database for SCVMM.

When using the wizard to install SCVMM, you will get a page explaining the open port (useful for Firewall rules 😉


You specify a share name for library of SCVMM


At the end, you will get a summary of your installation as below:


and second one:


Install it and waw, it is successful …


When closing the wizard, you will be asked to connect to SCVMM:


Now, we can discover the different pages of SCVMM console :

the first page shows VMs and server you can create:


the second one, the fabric :


the third, the library:


the fourth, the jobs:


and finally, the settings:


In next article, I will use SCVMM to create a service template


An error occurred while executing a custom action:ExecuteSqlScripts – Several possibilities and solution installing System Center Service Manager 2012

Hi, when installing SCSM, System Center Service Manager 2012, you can get the following error at Create Database level :

“An error occurred while executing a custom action:ExecuteSqlScripts”

There are several possibilities to solve this issue which mean that something deny the database creation:

1st solution : Sql server not allows update

the database is not allowed to be upgrated so you can make a sp_configure ‘allow updates’ to check if sql server allow update (you will normally get a 0 value), if not configure it as below:

sp_configure ‘allow updates’,0 reconfigure with override

2nd solution : Sql server targeted is on 2012 version

For me, the mistake was coming from the targeted version of sql server. I was used a 2012 sql server express, and after using a 2008r2 sql server on the wizard for SCSM 2012, all works fine at Create database level as you can see ;-):